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Beaded Necklace Tutorial Uses a Clear Acrylic Tubing Core

Bead ropes can usually be created using techniques such as bead crochet, kumihimo and beadweaving.  But this tutorial by Carol Alo uses clear acrylic tubing as the core.

She uses a modified peyote stitch to add the beads with stretches of strung beads.

The 3 mm inside diameter tubing might be hard to find in ordinary hardware stores. But they are available from scientific equipment suppliers. Alternatively, you could go all chunky and use a thicker acrylic!

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  1. I wonder how this tubing compares to fish aquarium tubing, that might be another source. I've also saved the tubing from a loved one's hospital visit, the air-to-the-nose tubing. (i'm sure it has an official name, but you know what i'm referring to! I'm a beader/crafter, not medical professional!) ;)

    1. I've seen clear tubing even in the hardware store. All different diameters. So I do not think they are hard to get at all. I used to use them a lot in the laboratory. So a laboratory supply place is another source.

  2. Very creative for a more bulky and sturdy look, great idea!


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