Erika Pal of WireArtTutorials is one of the most creative wire artists out there.  She is accomplished with complex designs yet her easier ones are still elegant and above all, unique.

Erika also has a fairly new Youtube channel. This tutorial for a looped wire bezel pendant is unusual. 

It is basically wire braiding (more than one wire is woven) along foundation wires. This is a more complex version of her previous tutorial. You usually see wire braiding for bracelets (see links below) so to see this in a bezel is unexpected!

Note how she cleverly introduces the essential wire elements at the back which stops the cabochon from falling out. 

I also like Erika's slide presentation as the pictures (and instructions) show clearly what each step is.  Sometimes a video format is hard to follow because it is easy to miss what the instructor actually did, forcing the student to rewind repeatedly, 

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