I generally get my bulk Fireline from a local fishing store ( Kingsway Fishing Tackle, Guelph, Ontario).  It's a lot cheaper that way.  The store owner absolutely loves his beading clients because we use up the Fireline fare more than those who fish. Fishermen use their lines repeatedly until they break off. 

But the large empty spools he reuses are cumbersome, so I have to rewind into smaller spools or if I am sending Fireline to my mother flat-pack style.  See this tutorial on how I rewind using a manual wire coiler : How to Wind Cord, Thread and Make Tassels for Jewelry Making the Easy Way

But the folks over on Stones and Findings shared a clever spooling or coiling hack using a drill. Makes the task even faster!

H/T to Rocpoet  for this find.

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