Shrink plastic is a wonderful medium for jewelry makers who can draw.  Here are 3 beautiful flower earrings which which shrink plastic. The colorants are different for each of them. In general, you have to draw flowers about 3 times (this could vary depending on what you use) the final size you want. Also the colors intensify when the plastic shrinks so start with lighter colors. 

First up is the lovely orchid earrings tutorial (shown above) by one of my favorite crafters and amazing polymer clay artist, Victoria of SunDIYDay. She uses pan pastels as the colorant for this one. You can purchase these as separate pans or sets from any art store or online.  The bright yellow color was added using Posca acrylic paint markers such as these which are excellent on all kinds of surfaces. 

In this tutorial, Victoria uses colored pencils which gives the shrink plastic pieces a subtle color.  She weaves her creative magic by making these hydrangea like flowers 3D and adding gold metallic ink. The gloss comes from UV resin. You can also "paint" on a thin layer of 2 part epoxy resin and let that dry - her use of plastic dental flossers to hold her flowers is clever!  You can also use a high gloss sealer if you already have some from other crafts. 

She uses black pigment ink for this tutorial like that from stamping crafts. Notice how she lightens the dark color by dabbing off with some rubbing alcohol (from the drug store)?  She edges the petals with gold metallic paint. All of her shrink plastic earrings are lovely!  What inspirations!

Where to get Shrink Plastic

You can purchase shrink plastic which is known by different brand names or upcycle plastic food containers - just make sure you use the #6. 

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