Some time ago, a friend asked me about how to make terraced beach, island or fields resin jewelry.  These molds have the distinctive terraced steps making the resulting pieces look like you were looking at a clear water beach from far above. 

I meant to do a tutorial on this but Sveta of Fresh Idea has already done one in this tutorial.

As you can see, there are 3 steps. First, you cast the terraced part in a dark opaque color. Once that is cured. You remove it and place it in the cabochon part of the pair. The second step is to add blue tinted resin. Sveta added a little glow-in- the-dark pigment. This resin mix is only added to the lower parts of the mold. After letting it cure, the final layer is clear resin to fill up the whole mold.

Sveta also demonstrates in the same video a couple of ways to get textured effects on resin including using a textured mold.

Some of the mold suppliers I have come across, show off gorgeous really gorgeous inspirational examples. I like the black shark in one of the pendants from this listing by DaisyNoteCraft! Notice how the terraced part is created in different tones?


But you don't have to make island or beach themed jewelry. Play with color as shown in this supply listing from Rosebeading.

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