AHEDproject (Affordable High End Design Project) is an artisan collective based in California. I featured one of their artisans before who made whimsical pixelated animal jewelry

Another of their collection centres on polyester chiffon. Polyester, a kind of plastic, is widely used in textiles and other consumer products like PET bottles. Synthetic polyester is usually made from petroleum.  Polyester chiffon, a sheer fabric, is a much cheaper and more durable alternative than natural silk chiffon. 

While we are familiar with its use in clothing,  polyester chiffon is not commonly used in jewelry. But it is something to behold when bold designers tackle this medium. See my past post on Mariko Kusumoto's amazing polyester jewelry work

This particular AHEDproject designer uses this modern material in simpler ways for really feminine and pretty designs.  Many of the designs are white and clearly meant for brides but others are in different colors.  The use of pearls makes the earrings elegant without too much bling!

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