I've been trying to feature Alice's 3D printed animal ear jackets for the past year. Her OrangeYewCurios items are always popular. Alice did tell me at the beginning of last year that she had new mushroom designs in the pipeline after I featured her frog on a mushroom design here.

Little did I know she was keen on launching many more fun and whimsical creature ear jackets which she designs, 3D prints and hand paints! They were wildly popular last Christmas.
Animal lovers will adore these designs and there are many to choose from - geckos, capybaras, frogs and even tardigrades (last design below). Tardigrades are chubby microorganisms with cute names like water bears or moss piglets!

I am sure she will be coming out with more in the future.

Tardigrade ear jackets

The Incredible Tardigrades

Ze Frank shares True Facts about tardigrades in a funny but informative way (Caution : not for children).

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