Did you know that there are actually going to be 4 solar eclipses this decade? But the one that is making the news now is the one which will be seen in Mexico, US and Canada on April 8 (see map below). That's because there is an unusually wide path of totality (where the moon completely blocks the sun) occurring over very densely populated areas. Over 31 million live in this pathway.

Jewelry artisans have noted the buzz and have created a wide range of jewelry designs using different techniques and materials.

First up is the lovely polymer clay solar  eclipse earrings (above) by Indiana based Aliza of VelvetOrangeDesigns. Indiana is one of the states where people can observe the solar eclipse.

Greek sculptor of jewelrysculpts, created his solar eclipse pendant necklaces , shown below, in different metal finishes using the lost wax method of casting.

I love the texture of these hammered disc earrings depicting the sun's corona and the moon in sterling silver and 14K gold filled metals. The designer is Colorado based Anna of WildMoonArtJewelry

Indiana based Jessica of LayersByDesign has a lovely pair of solar eclipse earrings laser cut from gold and black acrylic. They depict the phases where the moon slowly covers and uncovers the sun. I have featured Jessica's work before

Oklahoma based Rena's delightful solar eclipse cow earrings on SouthernRampageStore, made me smile!  These are uv printed on wood. 

This wire wrapped half corona pendant necklace is by New Yorker, Cora of TrendsbyDenique. She offers them in different gemstones. 

Solar Eclipse 2024

Go to and check out the timeanddate's  eclipse map where you can enter a location and see if it is going to be a partial or total eclipse where you live. Only the people who live or go to in the darkest pink band will see a total solar eclipse. 

Screen shot
I actually live just outside the path of totality so all I will see is a partial eclipse. I entered Hamilton which is the nearest city from where I live which will have a total eclipse. The site gave me the result below including the time of the eclipse (EST).

This is a once in a lifetime event as the last time a total eclipse happened in my location was way back in 1349. The next one for this location is not for another 375 years!! So I better head out to the Hamilton area on April 8. Tons of people are already planning to descend on Niagara Falls area for the same reason.

It's only safe to view the eclipse with special eclipse glasses to avoid eye injury. It's  NOT safe to view the eclipse through a camera, binoculars or telescope unless these devices are equipped with a special solar filter. The only time it's okay to view without the glasses etc is the short time when the moon totally covers the sun, leaving a solar corona. 

NASA's safety tips also caution against looking through a camera, binoculars or other optical device while wearing eclipse glasses. Otherwise the strong solar rays will burn through the filter and damage your eyes.

Children will have to be thoroughly supervised.  I'll bet there will many children out there with their little homemade cereal box viewers. This indirect viewing method is easy to make . Make sure you poke the hole with something round like a pin or a nail. 

Other indirect ways include using something like a colander with round holes. The eclipse can be seen many times through each hole!

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