Not everyone is willing to solder. Nor have the patience, experience or skill to wire wrap. That was the problem a reader, Lynn, had.  She had an old chipped rose platter she wanted to break up and make into pendants for family in remembrance of her mother. She definitely did not want to solder or tin as people often do for broken china.

Her initial idea was to use a snipe or cutter to break up the plate and perhaps file. The issue with broken chinaware is the sharpness of the edges. Filing these sharp edges by hand will take too long. A belt sander would be faster but Lynn did not want to use any electrical devices either. 

Then I remembered an old video I shared about 13 years ago which shows how leather can be used to wrap the broken china. It disappeared from Youtube for many years but has since re-emerged for anyone who wants to make a no-solder broken china pendant.

The original designer is Shawn Wilson of Shaviq Designs

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